War against boys and men are finished

 Read up on the Y chromosome. It is responsible for most of the mutations…So yes, males fill the extremes in intelligence, height, weight, etc whereas women are more often in the middle of the bell shaped curve.



Out of the 19 smartest people the world has ever seen, 16 are male. But the reason there appears to be an academic decline in boys in school these days is because the television actually programs boys to feel as if being smart is… Lame? As if being smart will decrease your chances of having a lot of friends or attracting a female… In almost every children's program these days only the class clowns get the girls… So that's what they emulate.


Shut up lady. don't assume all liberals are man-haters. And yes many of us have always known males and females are different (equal rights does not mean men are women are the same).


 Stupid gender scholars – you can't change who we are, so don't even try! We are men and we will not apologize for being who we are! Bring back dodgeball!!

But yes, those feminazi lobbying groups you mentioned suck ass. And the latino boy statistic is very troubling.



I  find it amusing and ridiculous when feminist lesbians dictate how men and women should interact. Foolish infants.



"Men are in trouble, but not finished for one simple reason. Women don't want them to be. I am sure women enjoy the benefits of the status and freedom they have recently acquired, but they still want to be protected, courted and taken care of (without financial dependence) by men. Currently, there are numerous wealthy, successful women who can't find a husband. If men continue to lose their status, women will have more trouble to find a desirable partner. Society will shift again."


"Pretty much overlooked is the following fact: At the near-genius level (an IQ of 145), brilliant men outnumber brilliant women by 8 to one.

Hence the really brilliant people and Fortune 500 company leaders and founders of companies are practically all men and only about 10% of science professors are women (British figures).

Many of the jobs they talk about have not disappeared but have been outsourced overseas and the whole completely male-dominated IT industry"



"yes those guys. the ones who fail to mention the clearly declining standard of state education and and the 7:1 male female genius ratio and the 12:1 male female 60hr working week ratio and the lack of female inventors and pioneers. the ones who negate the obvious malleability of females compared with males and the absurd political and social poisoning, both in literal and figurative terms of the masculine identity.
those chaps.


The problem men is a worldwide problem. And (or) just a problematic of economically  controlled  feminism !?

For us it is life-sustaining that for certain jobs and other activities, we yet  be needed.

A lack of education produces excellent and mindless military slaves (…) .. or cheap workhorses


Beenden wir es endlich, unsere Kinder an den wirtschaftlichen Staat und die staatliche Wirtschaft zu verschenken. Verbieten wir ihnen,  dieses tödliche "Helden"spiel. Das erste bis letzte Level könnte mit ihrem Blut  geschrieben werden,- ihr Leben zum garantiert "unaufstehbaren"  Fall bringen und es kann nicht mehr als Neustart wiederholt werden…..

Kein Soldat- kein Krieg.

No soldier no war

Und sie werden so abgerichtet, dass sie auch auf uns los gehen, sollten sie den Befehl dafür bekommen.


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