Resource Listing

A list of resources you may find helpful given the current state of things in 2020:

Portland Businesses that have shown very public support for Black Lives Matter (listed alphabetically):

We are constantly updating this list of resources with additional information brought fourth from the membership of Aux. Want to be a member? Find out how here. 

This is Portland Now is a video short to showcase what Portland looks like in the wake of protests.

You can click here to either view in your browser, or right-click  here and save the video one of our Aux members took to show what downtown Portland actually looks like during the day in the wake of peaceful protests.

As our video shows, people are still going about their business as normal as anyone can be expected in the middle of a pandemic as well. Keep in mind, many of these businesses are not currently open because of the coronavirus. Also, this footage was taken in the early evening, so we missed any business closed by 5 PM local time. We were leaving right before the protests typically start (around 8 PM local time).