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Who is Auxiliaris (Aux)?

Auxiliaris (ôɡˈzilyəris), from the Latin word for Auxiliary, is foremost a humanitarian educational support network and group. We are an organization dedicated to the education and support for the improvement of humanity.

Between the global pandemic, civil unrest, fire hazards, and the many other factors that made 2020 such a challenging year, we decided it was time to formalize a response in August of 2020.
We saw that so many people were not only frustrated, but felt helpless, that we made an auxiliary group called Auxiliaris (Aux for short).

Aux is not a political organization, we are a humanitarian group that will condemn any inhumane acts by political groups. This may, at times, make the organization appear bias politically.
If you agree with the philosophy and would like to join, send me a message with your email and you will hear back shortly. Thank for considering giving back to the community.

Aux was initially formed and registered in Oregon; however, it encompasses a worldwide membership base. Since we don't accept donations, we are not required to take any membership dues.  

This means that anyone who wants to register for membership, can do so for free!

What is expected of me?

As a Member of Auxiliaris You and I Pledge to Do the Following:

1. Treat everyone with true equality and in a humane fashion.
2. Support local businesses to help strengthen local community whenever able.
3. Check with Aux for any like-minded businesses and charities to support when you have support to offer.
4. Attend any of the optional meetings for the membership, and vote on the issues.
5. Spread the word about Auxiliaris in an attempt to build an international community of harmony.
6. Share resources, including information, freely and openly for the betterment of humanity.

To become a member:

If you are already a member of the Discord server, you can send your email to any of the the admin of the Discord and will receive a confirmation in Discord.
Simply send your email address to membership [at]
You will receive a confirmation email with an invite to our Discord server.

NOTE: All Aux meetings are currently held using the chat program Discord. This may change in the future to be more inclusive after evaluating a number of options.