Men hostile advertising and other nice truths about us

Men are like monogamous animals,

if they could lick their eggs, they would do it ……


The differences between husbands are so small,
that one quiet  the first can keep.


A woman needs a strong imagination,

if they want to love a man because of his qualities.



The mental horizon of a men is the distance between the wooden board and his brain.




What is a man in a cage?

livestock husbandry




What is the difference between a men and a battery?-

A battery has also a positive side!



Alice Schwarzer:

What is a man in hydrochloric acid?

A solved problem!!!!



What have whales and men together?

A lot of tail, little part of brain. 



Why have woman more often haemorrhoids as men?

Because God has created the perfect asshole with the man. 



Men are incorruptible! 

The most of them not see sense.


Men are vermin that must be eradicated



War is the ultimate ego trip of the men.


If a men often looks in the mirror,

this is not vanity but bravery.



Why is there any pills for men?

Because for assholes there only  suppositories


Warum sind Männer Schweine?

Damit sich auch die Säue  vermehren können!


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